Mobility Week of 04-25-16

3 Rounds
15 Side Lying Clamshell Hip Openers Both Sides
15 Side Lying Leg Circles Both Sides
15 Side Lying Front and Back Leg Taps Both Sides

Child’s Pose with Breathing Techniques
Prone on Elbows, Prone Press Ups
Prone Hip Extension
Prone Lumbar Twist
Saddle Archer with Arms Crossed in Front
Single Nostril Breathing Techniques

4 Minutes Glute Smash with Foam Roller Each Side
3 Minutes ITB Smash with Foam Roller Each Side

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Mobility Week of 04-18-16

2 Rounds
10 GHD Sit-Ups
10 GHD Back Extension
10 GHD Hip Extension
Followed by 3 Minutes Lax Ball Lat Smash Each Side

Kneeling Clasp Hands Behind Back
Saddle with Chest Opener
Half Kneel Hamstring Stretch
Quad Knee Ext, UE, Alternate
Supine Feet Together Knees Out Adductor Stretch

Weekend Homework
Accumulate 3 Minutes Handstand Hold
Max Distance Handstand Walk

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Mobility Week of 04-11-16

Foam Roll Vertical on Spine: 3 Minute Chest Stretch & 20 Snow Angels
3 Rounds: 10 Scapular Push-Ups & 10 Cat/Camels
2 Minutes: Child’s Pose

Lax ball: Serrated/Subscap Smash (Peanut & Reg Lax Ball); Trap Smash in Bridge. Swipe Arms Side to Side and PROM Arm.
3 minutes: Child’s Pose, Arms Behind Head; Saddle Pose; Lizard.

Weekend Homework
3 Minutes: Lie on Back, Butt Against Wall & Feet up.
3 Minutes: Open Legs for Inner Thigh Stretch.
2 Minute Plank Hold.

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Mobility Week of 03-28-16

Tuesday Homework
Walk feet up wall. 3 x 20 opposite shoulder taps. (Modification: pike position)
Accumulate 2 minute plank hold with feet on wall.

Thursday Class
Lax Ball to External Rotators
Kettlebell Anterior Shoulder Smash
Shin and Calf Smash
Mobility: Standing straddle, supine split, happy baby, sumo squat hold, supine lizard reach.

Weekend Homework
1 Minute dumbbell standing overhead with shoulders in external rotation and ribs pulled down.
1 Minute seated against wall postural holds.
1 min: Mod DB lie on back & bring arm to 90 degrees angle while holding weight. Let the weight and gravity allow for a stretch of your posterior capsule of your shoulder.

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Mobility Week of 03-21-16

Tuesday Homework
10 Superman to Hollow Holds
10 Lower Leg Raises
10 Russian Twists with Med Ball
2 Minutes Double Knee To Chest with Small Rock Side to Side

Thursday In Class
Peanut and MedBall: T-Spine 2 minutes each segment
Twisted Lizard 2 minutes each side

Weekend Homework
Couch Stretch 3 x 30 each side
Lax Ball Psoas Smash, lie on stomach, 2 minutes each side
Max Hollow Hold, Goal 3 Minutes

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Mobility for the Week 03-14-16

Tuesday Homework
Downward Dog 3 x 30 seconds with Ankle Pumps
2 minutes, hold the bottom of a pistol. You can hold on to an object for balance. Keep opposite leg angled out 45 degrees to the side. Perform on both legs.

Thursday In Class
Foam Roll Lats with External Rotation, Arm Overhead
Lacrosse Ball to the Lats
Partner Overhead Stretch With External Rotation
Accumulate 3 Minutes In Hollow Rock

Weekend Homework
2 x 10 Each Side, Side Lying Leg Lifts
2 x 10 Alternating Leg Lifts On Stomach, No Arch In Your Back
2 x 10 Bridges
2 Minutes Each Foot, Stand On Lacrosse Ball and Roll Out the Arch of Your Foot

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Mobility For The Week of 03-07-16

Tuesday Homework
Lying down, lacrosse ball to the lats, 2 minutes each side.
Lat Stretch: Sit Indian style with one foot on top of the other knee. Reach to the opposite side that your foot is on top of, 3 x 30 seconds both sides.
Quad Smash with kettlebell, 3 x 30 seconds both sides.

Thursday In Class
Quadriped Rock
Quad with Alternatiing UE & LE
Seated Hip Flexor Strengthening
Prone Hip Extension; Donkey Kick.
Hamstring Standing Wall Stretch and Scales.

Weekend Homework
2 Rounds, Do Not Come Out Of Plank Throughout Series
30 Second Plank Hold
10 Scapular Push-Ups
30 Second Plank Hold
10 Alternating Leg Lifts
30 Second Plank Hold

Chest Lax Ball Smash On Wall, 2 Minutes Each Side

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Mobility for the Week 02-29-16

Tuesday @ Home:
Squat Therapy
4 x 10 Perfect Slow Air Squats. Get closer to the wall each set.

3 Rounds
Rotational planks: reach each arm to the ceiling 10 times. Hold 5 seconds at the top.

Thursday In Class:
Standing Pelvic Tilt
Standing Flexion Mobilization: Head to Low Spine
Supine Pelvic Tilt
Gymnastic Sit Up 20x
Banded Anterior Hip Stretch, 3 Minutes Each Side
2 Rounds: Couch Stretch, 1 Minute Each Side

Saturday @ Home:
3 Rounds
10 Banded Shoulder Presses (Vertical)
10 Banded Shoulder Presses (To The Corners, Thumbs Up)
10 Scapular Push-Ups
10 Alternating Arm Lifts On All Fours (No Spinal Rotation)

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Mobility for the Week 02-22-16

Tuesday @ Home

3 Rounds
10 Scorpion Stretches
20 Foot Crab Walk
10 Punter Kicks
10 Inchworms

Practice and Establish Max L-Sit Holds. If you cannot do both legs together, do one at a time.

Thursday In Class

Hamstrings and Hip Flexors
Sciatic Nerve Flossing: Seated and Supine
Star Lunges with Pelvic Stabilization
Supine 90-90 Hip Flexion
Wall Hamstring and Adductor Stretch

Saturday @ Home

Lie on floor with legs on top of a box and butt pushed all the way up to it. You can put a peanut under you low back to intensify. Lie there and relax 5 minutes. Feel how not only does the low back release but so should your jaw and neck.

Sit with your back against wall. Keep your whole back pressed against the wall. Hold 5 min

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