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Amy Ottavinia has been a crossfit coach for over 4 years. She has an athletic background having played field hockey, basketball and softball at Mt Olive High school. She continued her athletic career playing field hockey at the University of Richmond where she was a Regional All American and earned her BA in Exercise Science.

“I found crossfit over 5 years ago and I have never looked back.  I love the camaraderie and friendships I have made.   As a coach, it is so rewarding to see people get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle.  My mother found crossfit at the age of 71 and is in the best shape of her life. Crossfit truly is for everyone.”

Amy is involved with many aspects of CrossFit including teens, adults and competitors. She has worked with power monkey coaches, active life coaches,  and is pursuing her BirthFit certification.  She also competed with her team at the 2012 and 2014 Northeast regional in Boston.

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