CrossFit L1 Certificate CrossFit L2 Certificate CrossFit L3 Certificate CrossFit Endurance CrossFit Kids CrossFit WeightliftingMichael Metzger has been involved with sports and athletics all of his life.  From a young age he was bike racing and competing in triathlons as well as high school wrestling and track and field events.

After college CrossFit became a large draw due to it’s short intense training regimen which fit nicely into his home/work life schedule.  “In doing Crossfit I found that the workouts had big crossover into regular life, something that I didn’t expect.  Becoming stronger at CrossFit helped me engage and perform better at other difficult and uncomfortable tasks.”  This realization helped Michael make the switch from High School teacher to CrossFit gym owner.

The power of CrossFit lied in struggling through the workouts, the struggle made you stronger physically and more importantly, mentally and psychologically.  Helping others achieve this strength is the true passion in coaching CrossFit, and running our gym.

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