CrossFit L1 Certificate Ronaldo Linares has been involved with crossfit for the last 3 years and took the leap to coach to help people become a better version of themselves.  He has an athletic background in high school football, church basketball, triathlon’s, and Mixed Martial Arts.  He has been on the mat in grappling tournaments, Muay Thai fights, and in the cage as a fighter.

As a Chef he knows how important eating good, clean, and healthy food is to maximize your fitness goals and a live a better life. If you ever have any food related questions you could always find him at the gym or at his restaurant (Martinos Cuban Restaruant).

“As a coach I have found it to be rewarding to see people hit PR’s, achieve weight loss goals, make better life choices, and increase their overall well being. Crossfit accepts everyone and the only requirement is that you give it 100% all the time, TOMA!”

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