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What to Expect at CFCR Free Trial

Diversity! We are all ages and all
levels at CrossFit Chimney Rock.

icon-lockBring workout clothes, sneakers and water.

icon-lockBe coached throughout the workout.

icon-lockCoach led warm up specific to the work out.

icon-lockSupport from the community.

icon-lockWorkout skills and techniques demonstrated and practiced.

icon-lockCool down after your workout.

icon-lockYour workout professionally scaled to your ability level.

icon-lockMembership chosen to meet your needs.

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  • Must have 3 months experience of CrossFit and sign a waiver to participate in the class.
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  • I've been fortunate enough to train with Coach Mike prior to him owning Crossfit Chimney Rock and have benefited from his phenomenal coaching techniques. What was unexpected but not surprising was his ability to attract coaches who were on his level and with the same welcoming personality that he radiates. Not only do I continuously learn how to perfect my form and push myself to my full capabilities but I do it with the support of a well rounded and knowledgeable staff and fun and friendly members. It's exciting to see this community grow and I feel fortunate to be a part of it.

    Karen Francis
    Karen Francis
  • I have always struggled with my weight and could never feel comfortable being in a gym and being consistent with exercising.  I had heard about CrossFit for years and was extremely intimidated by the unknown.   I never took a trial class and just made the decision of signing up for 3 months to give it a real shot.  CrossFit Chimney Rock and it has changed my life.  I have lost a total of 65lbs, went from a size 14 to a size 4 and my body continues to change everyday for the better.

    Jenny Jacome
    Jenny Jacome
  • Being a member for about 9 months I never thought that at 60 years old I could be this fit, confident and capable of more.I have gained strength, endurance, flexibility and well being. I show up and do my best I get cheered on and get high fives!

    Rick Greenberg
    Rick Greenberg